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Build your own ChatGPT*, trained and fine-tuned on your custom data

Turn your website into a natural language AI assistant in just a couple of minutes!

Use your business knowledge base or other textual data sources to create and fine-tune large language models (LLMs) for customer service, automated question answering, knowledge management, and employee training.

* Activechat is not affiliated with OpenAI and does not use, re-sell, or distribute the ChatGPT technology for question answering. ChatGPT is a trademark owned by OpenAI Inc.

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The biggest issue with ChatGPT

As the world dives deeper into the endless ocean of opportunities provided by large language models and generative pre-trained transformers like ChatGPT by OpenAI, some disadvantages and dangers of this amazing new technology become evident. 

A lot of companies are still hesitant about actual implementations of new-generation chatbots in their businesses. This is mostly caused by the fact that these models are prone to errors and can be unreliable when conversations require specialized knowledge of a specific domain. 

Check these two actual conversations with ChatGPT. Both would lead to extremely dangerous actions if used by some person in real life (click images to enlarge). 


Actually, putting oil in direct contact with oxygen would cause instant cylinder explosion.


Actually, moving an injured person, if done without knowledge, can cause more harm or even death.

Massive language models like ChatGPT are trained on vast amounts of data available online. That’s exactly why they are prone to errors and can be extremely biased and inaccurate. Fine-tuning with specific domain data improves that, but the sheer difference in the size of datasets used for training (huge!) and for fine-tuning (usually quite small) make domain-specific knowledge saturated and unreliable.

ChatGPT Customisation

Use reliable data to create smart AI assistants in minutes

With Activechat, you can be 100% confident that your natural language assistant gives the correct answer to every question. Instead of training generative models on astronomical volumes of random textual data, we focus on the few-shot approach that uses only specific data provided by you.  

In terms of response accuracy, our custom large language models outperform ChatGPT by 70% prior to fine-tuning. They are trained only on your original datasets, thus reducing the error rates and improving the overall quality of text generation.

Live chat data mining

Does it really work?

Click the images below to check actual conversations with virtual assistants built by Activechat. Each of these models was trained on a small set of files and webpages, provided to us by the customer. There was no fine-tuning or custom data formatting applied.  

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ChatGPT fine-tuning

Fine-tune large language models with a single click of a mouse

Improve the response accuracy and conversation quality with a semi-automated fine-tuning process. Mark up responses as correct or incorrect straight from the chat interface, and let us do the rest for you.

Key benefits of our approach to chatbot fine-tuning:

  • The fine-tuning process is free 
  • There’s no need to prepare or upload any data
  • The process does not require any special knowledge
  • It can be performed by regular agents/reps on a daily basis

ChatGPT Custom Data

Use any textual data to create and fine-tune your smart AI assistant

There’s no need to do any data preparation or formatting. Just upload your existing websites, PDF or DOC files, conversation logs, manuals, etc. Adding or removing knowledge from your dataset is a breeze too.

Get complete control over your virtual assistant’s knowledge by providing exactly the information it needs, and fine-tune it on the fly when you want to add or remove some parts of that knowledge. 

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Customer Service CRM

ChatGPT problems

Improve the response quality by using only your own data sources

Improve the response accuracy and conversation quality with a semi-automated fine-tuning process. Mark up responses as correct or incorrect directly from the live chat interface or Conversations CRM, and let us do the heavy AI lifting for you.

Since Activechat is using only the information that you provide, your virtual assistants are safe from erroneous responses and provide exact information what your customers are looking for, with references to your data sources (if needed).  

Activechat vs ChatGPT

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Our customer-centered step-by-step onboarding experience walks you through everything you need to start growing the efficiency of your customer service team.

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Whatever your team may need, our top-notch support is here to help so you can focus on what you do best: helping your customers and growing your business.

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Whether you have a question or just want to dive deep into Activechat advanced features, our extensive resource center has the articles and tutorials you need.

Customer service teams love Activechat

Jorge Edel A.

CEO, Veeme Media

“Since we installed it, the response rate has been amazing. Having a way to automate my customer service was one of the best decisions ever made. With Activechat, we answer most requests instantly.”

Tanzir R.

Product Designer

“We used it for the WooCommerce shop. The bot automatically pulled all the data from the store, and users could place orders via chat on Facebook Messenger. Activechat had a prebuilt template, so all I had to do was replace the default names with my store name. Setup took a couple of minutes. Fastest way to build a bot.”

Harish M.

CEO, E-Learning

“The architecture of using skills is amazing as it saves us a lot of time. After a tiny bit of learning, it becomes a perfect tool which you cannot look beyond. The support is fantastic as they are ready to listen to us and take necessary action to meet our needs.”

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