Customer Service Automation Software

Provide world-class customer service at a fraction of the cost

Omnichannel customer service automation platform that helps your clients fall in love with you.

360° Customer Service Automation Platform

Live chat AI

Boost your agents' performance with AI-suggested live chat hints

Find the right words for every customer in every situation, and share the knowledge across your team. Activechat constantly analyses conversation logs and other organizational knowledge to provide your agents with AI-generated suggestions for the best possible response in every situation. 

Sharing knowledge is at the heart of what we do. Our customer service platform allows you to share knowledge and expertise across the whole business, and even the whole company, with our knowledgesharing solutions.

customer service automation software
Multichannel customer service

Multichannel customer service

Meet your customers where they feel comfortable

Provide unified customer service experience across your websites, social networks, messengers, e-mail, and SMS. Activechat can handle conversations on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, website chat widgets, SMS, and e-mail – all through a unified agent interface.

Support team management

Improve your support team performance with AI

Route every support ticket to the most appropriate agent and improve your team performance with AI-generated hints. 

With an intuitive interface, you will create agent groups and assign tickets to them. Whenever an agent replies to a ticket, the AI will process the reply and generate hints for other agents, to ensure the best support quality.

Support team management
Customer Service Analytics

Customer Service Analytics

Work smarter by getting crucial customer service insights

Boost customer service team performance using custom dashboards that track performance KPIs. 

  • Measure traditional contact center KPIs like CSAT, resolution time, or response time
  • Boost your knowledge with AI-driven metrics like sentiment detection 
  • Get insights into which areas of your customer service could be automated

Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer service automation software?

Customer service automation software takes care of customer service tasks without human intervention. The software can be integrated with existing customer service software and the two work together to automate the tasks and improve customer service.

Customer service automation software is a suite of tools that helps you streamline your customer service processes. It automates the data collection, management and analysis of all interactions with customers, including emails, phone calls and chat messages. At its core, customer service automation software helps you to manage your customer service operations more efficiently and seamlessly. The software is designed to increase productivity in customer service teams, while also helping you to cut down on costs, such as hiring and training.

Why do I need customer service automation software?

Customer service automation software is essential for any company that wants to improve customer experience and reduce costs in customer service operations. With the help of customer service automation software, you can:

  • Automate your customer service processes
  • Collect information about customer interactions
  • Manage and analyze customer interactions
  • Manage your customer service team
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce customer service costs

To learn more about why customer service automation software is essential in your customer service operations, sign up for a free Activechat demo today!

How do I choose customer service automation software?

Customer service is only as good as the software that drives it. The right customer service automation software will improve your customer service, make your life easier and bring your customer service to a whole new level. But with the vast number of customer service software options available, selecting the right system can be a challenge. The key is to choose a system thats a good fit for your business and that meets your needs. Here are some things to consider:

  • Is the software easy to use?
  • Does the software offer the features you need?
  • What is the cost of the software?
  • How does the software integrate with other software and hardware?
  • What training will you receive?

The next thing that you need to consider is the reporting features of the system. Some systems are more basic and do not include a variety of reporting features.

It is important to also consider how your employees are going to use the software. You will want to choose a system that is easy to use and will not lead to confusion.

What do I need to start using customer service automation software?

No matter what area of business they specialize in, any customer service team can benefit from using customer service automation software to make their process more efficient and in turn create happier clients. It’s as simple as signing up for a free demo and seeing how Activechat can help revolutionize your customer service process.

Customer service teams love Activechat

Jorge Edel A.

CEO, Veeme Media

“Since we installed it, the response rate has been amazing. Having a way to automate my customer service was one of the best decisions ever made. With Activechat, we answer most requests instantly.”

Tanzir R.

Product Designer

“We used it for the WooCommerce shop. The bot automatically pulled all the data from the store, and users could place orders via chat on Facebook Messenger. Activechat had a prebuilt template, so all I had to do was replace the default names with my store name. Setup took a couple of minutes. Fastest way to build a bot.”

Harish M.

CEO, E-Learning

“The architecture of using skills is amazing as it saves us a lot of time. After a tiny bit of learning, it becomes a perfect tool which you cannot look beyond. The support is fantastic as they are ready to listen to us and take necessary action to meet our needs.”

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