Engage and support your users with smart conversational AI

  • Chatbot platform for natural language customer support
  • Omni-channel (Facebook Messenger, Twilio SMS etc)
  • Seamlessly integrate with CRMs and CMS
  • Make more sales with e-commerce integrations
  • Build and deploy in days instead of months
  • Easy-to-use LEGO™ for chatbots
  • Visual chatbot builder for non-tech people 
  • Connect your live support framework easily

Design complex conversations while we do the heavy lifting

Engage customers with pro-active communication

Increase sales with Shopify and WooCommerce integrations

Track complete conversation history to fine-tune the bot

How does chatbot platform work?

We provide everything you need to build great chatbots. Conversational design with Visual Bot Architect is easy as building with LEGO™ blocks


Start with small skills that do small tasks. Connect these skills into complex bots with events and contexts.

connect messengers

Use Facebook Messenger,  website chat widget, Telegram or Twilio SMS. More channels are coming soon!

achieve your goals

Automate your customer support, sell more with pro-active interactions and reduce waiting time.

Why choose Visual Chatbot Builder

  • If you are non-tech or just starting – we provide ready-made templates to get you up and running in minutes
  • For seasoned conversational designer we have powerful advanced tools to build complex bots that can be easily customized and integrated

Visual flow builder for complex conversation scenarios

You do not need any programming or chatbot background to start using Visual Bot Architect. 

Use simple building blocks to create basic bot skills and then combine those skills into conversations with events and contexts.

Multiple messenger interfaces

Build once – use anywhere.  

Create omni-channel messenger experience and switch the conversation between channels when it is needed.

Facebook Messenger, website chat widget, Telegram, email and Twilio SMS are supported out-of-the-box. 


Easy-to-use integration tools

Connect third-party NLP services like Dialogflow in a click of a mouse.

Instantly build e-commerce chatbots with native Shopify and WooCommerce integrations.

Exchange data with CRMs and other business tools through JSON API and use Zapier integration to connect your existing business framework. 

Advanced natural language

Connect your favorite NLP service in a couple of mouse clicks and use natural language to trigger your bot skills.

Build complex decision-tree based models on top of these skills to help bot users achieve specific goals.

Use events and contexts as conversation drivers – exactly like human conversation does.

Chatbot Academy

From platform basics to advanced natural language chatbots for e-commerce and customer support – we provide chatbot education to help you achieve your business goals with modern conversational design tools. 

Join our Bot Academy to learn conversational design basics and advanced chatbot development tips.

Conversational Design made easy

We believe in conversation as the most convenient human-to-machine interface, so we’re focused on providing tools to build automated conversations that help achieve business goals.

What people think

This amazing platform makes easy to integrate your Woocommerce store with different platforms like messenger, telegram, and even Whatsapp creating a powerful tool for selling and users assistant. It also have the best support team working quickly resolving any issues.
The main feature I like besides a very good visual bot architect are the amount of integrations. NLP as well as messaging platforms. Facebook, Intercom are just one of them, and with expected release of Amazon Alexa and Google Home the integrations are becoming really rich.


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