Amazingly simple contact center automation

Automate your customer service and expand the self-service segment with smart virtual assistants that speak human language and do not take months to train and deploy!

Our mission is to put the power of conversational AI into the hands of customer service leaders all over the world. We do this so that customer service teams could harness the power of machine learning to solve their day-to-day tasks and improve their routines. 

Build a complete AI-assisted contact center

Smart AI chatbots

Automate repetitive customer service conversations with smart visual chatbot builder, and improve the productivity of your human teams.

Live chat CRM

Handle all your channels (website, Facebook, SMS and Telegram) in a single live chat app and track the complete history of your customer communication.

Conversational intelligence

Find the right words for every customer, grow sales and increase CSAT with conversational AI. Analyze conversations to predict conversions and reach out pro-actively.

Automate self-service conversations easily

Once handled by a live chat agent a couple of times, any conversation can be automated easily and performed by a skill in the virtual assistant from now on. Customer’s sentiment is constantly tracked to prevent errors and call live chat agents if anything goes wrong.

Use 50+ conversation building blocks to connect your business frameworks, Google Sheets and Calendars, WooCommerce or Shopify stores and multiple other integrations, with zero coding skills required.

Customer-centric brands focus on conversations

Be available on every channel

Every communication channel is handled in a single interface, both for live chat and for automation with virtual assistants. Customers are matched across channels automatically and you can pick the conversation where it's most convenient both for your customers and your agents.

Take pressure off of your team

Cut labor costs and reduce workload for your human teams by automating routine conversations with customers. Turn your support agents from typing monkeys into data analysts, and share the knowledge of best performing team members across the whole team in a mouse click.

Save on software costs

Instead of purchasing three stand-alone products (chatbot platform, live chat solution and conversational analytics tool), ActiveChat does it all, while also reducing costs for system integration, on-boarding and staff training.

Get data-driven insights

Track sentiment of your customers and step in immediately when things go wrong. No need to rely on NPS and ratings anymore (although they are available, together with funnel analytics and customer scoring).

Start providing better customer service today

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