Smart Live Chat Routing

Never make your customers wait for the agent again

Combine a live chat management platform with an advanced natural language question-answering tool

360° Customer Service Automation Platform

Automated Message Tagging

Assign every conversation to the most appropriate agent

Use natural language understanding to automatically route conversations to the most appropriate agent, or put automation to work whenever it’s possible.

Activechat automatically tags customer service requests depending on their topic and context and routes them to the agent or automation that fits best.

Support team management
Customer Service Automation

Automated Question Answering

Instantly automate up to 90% of customer service requests

Save time for your team by automating the knowledge extraction from your business documents. 

Forget about building customer service scenarios manually. Activechat can answer up to 90% of your customers’ questions on autopilot without prior scripting or programming.

Live chat queueing

Handle high chat volumes faster and smarter

Skip automation for the most important requests and assign every conversation to the most appropriate agent. 

Activechat helps you prioritize incoming messages and assign them to queues or specific agents. If the queue is full, an automation can be started to reduce the waiting time and improve customer experience.

Conversational Marketing Chatbots
Automated question answering

Live Chat management

Balance your agents' workload manually or automatically

Use smart live chat routing to reduce waiting times and agent workload. Group your agents into queues or departments based on their skills and specializations, and share the organizational knowledge with the whole team to keep everyone updated.

Customer service teams love Activechat

Jorge Edel A.

CEO, Veeme Media

“Since we installed it, the response rate has been amazing. Having a way to automate my customer service was one of the best decisions ever made. With Activechat, we answer most requests instantly.”

Tanzir R.

Product Designer

“We used it for the WooCommerce shop. The bot automatically pulled all the data from the store, and users could place orders via chat on Facebook Messenger. Activechat had a prebuilt template, so all I had to do was replace the default names with my store name. Setup took a couple of minutes. Fastest way to build a bot.”

Harish M.

CEO, E-Learning

“The architecture of using skills is amazing as it saves us a lot of time. After a tiny bit of learning, it becomes a perfect tool which you cannot look beyond. The support is fantastic as they are ready to listen to us and take necessary action to meet our needs.”

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