360° on-premise conversational ai Platform

Raise and own your enterprise AI wizard

Stop paying huge monthly fees to SaaS software providers  and get AI-assisted live chat automation, self-service automation, conversational marketing, organizational knowledge management, contact center analytics, natural language chatbots, and much more, all in one easy-to-use customer service automation platform that runs in your private cloud or on-premises.

360° Customer Service Automation Platform

On-premise conversational AI Platform

Why overpay to SaaS software providers when you can have the software for yourself? 

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Activechat runs in your private cloud or on your own computer, which means that your data is 100% secure and you own every bit of information

No Recurring Fees

There are no monthly or annual fees for the platform. After the initial license fee, the costs for support and operations are very low

Lifetime Support

You securely get all platform upgrades, bug-fixes and updates automatically after the initial installation process

Stop Paying Monthly for things that you do not own!

Are you using a SaaS (“software-as-a-service”) conversational AI platform? Take a moment to consider these three things!

impress your customers

Data Privacy and Security

SaaS conversational AI software typically involves storing sensitive customer data on external cloud servers. This raises concerns about data privacy and security, as businesses might have limited control over how their data is handled, increasing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Customization and Control

SaaS solutions often offer a standardized approach to their services, leaving businesses with limited options for customization and control over algorithms, features, and integrations. This can hinder tailoring the conversational AI platform to match specific business needs and branding.

Latency and Performance

Cloud-based SaaS solutions can introduce latency due to data transmission and processing occurring on external servers. This can impact real-time interactions and responsiveness. Seamless user experiences might be better achieved with on-premise or private cloud installations.

Own Every bit of your conversational AI data

Take full control over your customer service and conversational AI data with an on-premise chatbot and live chat platform

Enhanced Security

With data stored within your organization's environment, you have direct oversight and full control over data handling

Transparent And Customisable

You have full access to platform's source code to align the platform precisely with your specific needs, branding, and industry requirements

Better Performance

Hosting LLMs and the AI platform locally ensures lower latency and optimized performance, particularly important for real-time interactions.

How is Activechat different from SaaS tools?

When comparing SaaS and on-premise (private cloud) solutions for conversational AI, the on-premise option stands out for its enhanced data security, customization capabilities, optimal performance, and greater control over data compliance and ownership.

While SaaS solutions offer convenience and lower upfront costs, on-premise solutions provide a superior level of customization, security, and performance optimization, making them a compelling choice for businesses seeking tailored and robust conversational AI deployments.

SaaS software
Data Security and Control
Enhanced data privacy and control. Data stored within organization's premises, reducing risks. Direct oversight of security protocols and compliance, ensuring data integrity.
Managed by the provider. Limited control over data security measures.
Customization and Flexibility
Extensive customization and flexibility for tailored solutions. Ability to fine-tune algorithms, features, and integration according to specific needs.
Quick deployment and minimal setup required, but customization options are limited, often standardized.
Performance and Latency
Reduced latency due to localized data processing. Ideal for real-time interactions. Dedicated resources ensure consistent, optimal performance even under heavy workloads.
Potential for performance degradation during peak usage. The monthly cost will spike during high-load times.
Cost Structure
Higher upfront costs for hardware, licenses, and setup. Long-term operational costs are lower due to reduced subscription fees and greater control.
Lower upfront investment. Recurring subscription fees might accumulate over time.
Data Compliance and Ownership
Full ownership of data compliance measures, adhering to industry regulations. Ensured adherence to data ownership and industry-specific regulations.
Compliance managed by provider. Limited control over data handling practices.
Scaling and Resource Allocation
Direct control over resource allocation, scaling according to specific needs. Ability to optimize resources for peak performance and efficient scaling.
Scalability and resource allocation managed by provider. Limited flexibility in scaling for high-demand periods.

on-premise Live Chat Automation Software

Help your Team find the right words for every Customer

Instantly share the knowledge and experience of your best employees across the whole customer service team. Extract the organizational knowledge automatically from websites, PDF documents, and previous conversation logs. 

Live chat data mining
1 %
CSAT score growth

50% of Activechat customers saw better than 75% improvement in CSAT

1 +
hours saved/week

54% of Activechat customers saved 15 or more hours per week 

1 %
support cost reduction

48% of Activechat customers reduced their support costs by 35% or more

self-service automation

on-premise Self-service automation tool

Help your customers help themselves

Create a repeatable customer self-service process you can set and forget. Respond to the most common support questions automatically without manual scripting. Spend time on the most valuable tasks and let your customer service automation software handle routines for you.

on-premise Conversational Marketing Platform

Grow your sales with personalized marketing messages

Generate new leads and grow your business with conversations that sell. Activechat helps you build flexible marketing communication at every stage of the funnel, from top to bottom. 

Conversational Marketing Platform

Customer service teams love Activechat

Jorge Edel A.

CEO, Veeme Media

“Since we installed it, the response rate has been amazing. Having a way to automate my customer service was one of the best decisions ever made. With Activechat, we answer most requests instantly.”

Tanzir R.

Product Designer

“We used it for the WooCommerce shop. The bot automatically pulled all the data from the store, and users could place orders via chat on Facebook Messenger. Activechat had a prebuilt template, so all I had to do was replace the default names with my store name. Setup took a couple of minutes. Fastest way to build a bot.”

Harish M.

CEO, E-Learning

“The architecture of using skills is amazing as it saves us a lot of time. After a tiny bit of learning, it becomes a perfect tool which you cannot look beyond. The support is fantastic as they are ready to listen to us and take necessary action to meet our needs.”

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