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Increase WooCommerce sales and cut costs with smart AI chatbot

Extend your reach into another sales channel with WooCommerce chatbots for Messenger


Reach out with with pro-active conversations through the most natural communication medium


Send automated message sequences with discount codes and talk to users who do not complete the purchase


Build natural language product search and send personalized offers based on the history of conversation


Automate up to 80% of customer queries with natural language FAQ and cut response times

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Connect ready-made Shopify chatbot template and get complete store inventory in your bot immediately.

Takes 10 to 15 minutes


Customize your store attendant with tailored messaging to increase customer satisfaction.

Takes 5 to 7 days


Fine-tune your upsells, downsells, cart abandonment  and promo campaigns messaging

Takes 2 to 4 weeks

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Why choose us?

Extensive list of features to build great conversational e-commerce experiences

Activechat Bot Architect is completely customizable and not limiting to a specific set of functions or messages. 

Imagine building your own virtual AI store assistant – with absolutely no programming or chatbot background required!  

Your WooCommerce chatbot can guide shop visitors with custom conversations tailored to shop personality, building great customer experience.  

No need to fetch your products manually – your complete store inventory is available in the conversation immediately.

Besides native WooCommerce shopping cart you have another one directly in Messenger, providing friction-free conversational shopping experience.

No need to click through pages of products to find what your customer needs. Search by product category, brand, size, color or any other product attribute with natural language queries.

Send order updates and tracking info directly in Messenger and reach out to customers with upsells or downsells. 
Send direct messages to customers when they visit certain pages of your online store and encourage them to take action.
Trigger conversational sequences when users interact with your Facebook ads and save on advertisement costs.
Send one-time promo campaigns and drip content to specific segments of your audience. 
All chatbot orders come directly into familiar WooCommerce back-end, simplifying fulfillment and providing uniform customer experience.
Provide instant answers to common questions in a searchable natural language interface.
Seamlessly communicate on multiple channels such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram or SMS. 

WooCommerce chatbot use cases

Natural Search

Your customers can find exact products they are looking for with a simple natural language search queries. No need to scroll multiple pages searching for brands, sizes or colors - they just ask the bot and get relevant search results immediately.

Shopping Cart

Easy-to-use shopping cart interface that fits nicely into Messenger conversation. No need to switch back and forth between Messenger and web pages - complete store inventory is available right where the conversation takes place.

Cart Reminders

Send cart reminders if the order is not placed after specified time. Recover up to 45% of abandoned carts due to right messaging and high open rate and increase your revenue up to 250% with more carts recovered.

Up- and Down-sells

One-third of your customers will be ready to buy another item right after they complete the original purchase, increasing average checkout.

Answering FAQs​

Use natural language search to provide answers to frequent questions, reducing waiting time and increasing customer satisfaction. ​

Order tracking​

Provide instant order updates and send tracking info. Reduce friction and increase credibility on long-term deliveries.​

Promo Content

Update your audience about season offers, sales and other discounts. Send coupons and collect orders directly in Messenger to increase conversion rate and reduce friction.​

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