Stop The War In Ukraine!

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine regarding the Russian Federation’s ongoing military aggression against Ukraine

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue their large-scale offensive operation on the territory of Ukraine in order to destroy the Ukrainian state, overthrow the Ukrainian government and establish occupation control.
The Russian Federation is attacking Ukraine from Russian territory, the Black and Azov seas, the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas and the territory of Belarus, utilizing combat aircraft, ballistic missiles, artillery, tanks, armored vehicles, land and other forces and means. Russian units are launching missile and bomb strikes on civilian infrastructure in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Chernihiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and other Ukrainian cities. The Kremlin has launched a large-scale military operation to seize the Ukrainian capital. 
In the centre of Europe peaceful people are wounded and dying, including children.
Russia is grossly violating the rules of war and other norms of international law in Ukraine. In connection with numerous war crimes and violations of the Rome Statute by the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine together with the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine is collecting materials to submit to the International Criminal Court to bring the Russian leadership to strict justice.
Russian occupiers seized the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. They have denied a rotation of the employees of the nuclear power plant, as required by international technical safety regulations. Higher than normal levels of radiation have been detected as a result of the disturbance of the top soil due to the movement of a large number of Russian military equipment and the release of contaminated radioactive dust into the air. The Ukrainian side has already warned the IAEA that Russia’s actions could lead to a large-scale environmental catastrophe in Europe. 
The Ukrainian Army and all other national defense forces have rebuffed the Russian attack with dignity, the enemy’s forces are suffering losses, and we are holding strategic positions. 
Ukraine is grateful to the United States of America, Canada, the European Union and other international partners for imposing new economic sanctions against Russia. At the same time these efforts are currently insufficient to stop Russia’s war against Ukraine.
We call upon some European countries to not be guided by narrow political interests, when it comes to protecting the security not only of Ukrainian citizens, but also the security of all the citizens of Europe. At stake is the future of the international security architecture and the entire world order, based on respect for the UN Charter and fundamental norms of international law. Russia must be immediately disconnected from the SWIFT payment system. We must act now and without delay. 
Ukraine has also appealed to its partners to provide additional weapons in order to strengthen our country’s defense capabilities. 
We are also actively requesting financial and humanitarian support for Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens. 
The Russian Federation must end its armed aggression against Ukraine and begin a dialogue regarding a peaceful settlement. This will help save lives and prevent a catastrophe, the scope of which Europe has not seen since World War II.