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* This offer is valid for Appsumo customers with 5 LTD coupons only (“full-stack”)

Please have your coupon codes ready – you’ll need them during the checkout.

The license includes:

  • White label agreement
  • Unlimited number of private cloud or on-premise installations of the platform
  • Complete set of conversational AI features (see details below)
  • ‚ÄúDone-for-you‚ÄĚ installation at your server or in a private cloud
  • Unlimited number of projects, bots, users, live chat agents, and team members
  • Lifetime access to all platform updates and new features
  • Complete billing system with Stripe integration

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360¬į Customer Service Automation Platform

A complete set of conversational AI tools

Everything you need to build And Run Your Next LLM Chatbot

Activechat is a universal tool that provides unified interface to develop and run modern conversational AI projects (chatbots, advisers, knowledge managers, and virtual assistants).

The platform can be run locally (on-premises), at your own server, or in a private cloud account. This approach guarantees lower latencies (especially with large language models), improved performance, and lower operational costs, when compared to traditional SaaS (“software-as-a-service”) chatbot software providers. 

Advanced mix of chatbot technologies

From simple button-controlled bots to NLP and generative AI or large language models, Activechat connects every bit of tech that a conversational designer may use.

No-code visual chatbot builder

Activechat's automation framework closely follows natural human conversation principles, allowing you to build any kind of interaction visually.

True Multichannel Conversations

Build once - use anywhere. Activechat has native integrations for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twilio, and website chat widget.

Live Chat

Transfer conversations to your human team when automations fail. Activechat includes enterprise-grade live chat system with multiple queues and agent management.

Conversational AI

Easily utilize advanced conversational AI technologies like intent detection for NLP and knowledge management for large language models.

Generative AI with fine-tuned LLMs

Use our native integrations to connect custom or third-party large language models like ChatGPT by OpenAI or Jurassic by AI21, or run your own LLMs with Langchain integration.

Contact Center Analytics

Activechat includes a set of dashboards to monitor your contact center performance, and can export analytics data to other systems like Tableau.

Easily Integrates anywhere

Control and manage your projects, or connect any kind of third-party software or service with our JSON API.

On-premise conversational AI benefits

Low operational costs

The cost of running an enterprise chatbot will depend on the volume of conversations and the amounts of data that you want to use. For some cases even free private cloud plans can be used.

Increased security

All your conversational data is stored within your organization's own servers, located within your controlled environment, or in your private cloud. This substantially reduces the risk of data exposure.

Improved performance

With an on-premise or private cloud solution, all data processing occurs within your organization's local network. This reduces the time it takes for data to travel to and from external cloud servers, leading to significantly lower latency.

Knowledge Management System

Integrated Conversational AI suite

CORE PLATfoRM components included in the license


Own every bit of your data

Organize Your Knowledge

Extract the organizational knowledge from your business assets automatically, and securely share it across your team and customers

Automate The Monotonous

Create complex interaction scenarios with our visual scenario builder, and connect them to your existing platforms and backends.

Boost Your Team

Help your customer support team work smarter and faster with AI-generated hints, SOP automation, and detailed analytics

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unlimited installations - UNLIMITED PROJECTS and users

* This offer is valid for Appsumo customers with 5 LTD coupons only (“full-stack”)

Please have your coupon codes ready – you’ll need them during the checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions


How is this "Reseller" license for LTD users different from your current "Company" and "Developer" licenses?

The “Reseller” license is specifically designed to suit the needs of our LTD audience. Essentially, it’s a complete white-label conversational AI platform that runs in a private cloud or on-premises. It includes everything that a “Company” license has but allows you to install and run an unlimited number of platform instances (the regular “Company” license allows only one installation).¬†

Also, the “Reseller” license includes the billing system, which can be connected to your Stripe account. This allows you to charge your customers for using the product.

Compared to the “Developer” license, the “Reseller” license does not include the TypeScript source code, platform developer documentation, and phone support.¬†

Compared to your current cloud LTD account, the “Reseller” license offers you a complete white-label solution that you can use to build conversational AI projects for your customers and charge them on a monthly or annual basis for using the product.


Can you transfer the data from my existing account to the on-premises version?

Absolutely! When you install your copy of Activechat, we will transfer everything from your existing LTD account Рbots, teams, users, conversations, etc. 

What do I need to run a copy of Activechat?

To install and run your personal copy of the platform, you will need:

  1.  An account with a cloud service provider of your choice -OR- a computer with a 24-hour internet connection and a Linux operating system.
  2. A local copy of MongoDB Community Server -OR- an account with MongoDB Atlas. 
  3. A license key that you obtain from us.
You will be given complete instructions on how to set up the platform, connect messaging channels, and we’ll do a quick introductory call with you (or your technical team) to explain core platform integration concepts.

What happens after I purchase the license?

Once you complete the purchase, there will be a number of things happening:

  1. We will set up an introductory call with you to help you get the most out of the platform.
  2. You will get a license key and installation instructions, depending on the installation type that you prefer.
  3. Once you create all required accounts with personal cloud service providers or set up a local machine on your company’s network, we will install the platform remotely and activate your license.
  4. After the installation, we will do the second call to check that all systems are OK and everything is in place for your project.

Depending on your installation type and requirements, the whole process can take from several hours to several days. 

What happens to my existing LTD account?

Nothing. All existing LTD accounts stay intact. 

As we gradually sunset the public cloud service, existing LTD accounts will be transferred to a dedicated instance of Activechat, which we call the “Appsumo cloud”. You may experience some hiccups while we transfer your account to the new deployment system, but we will do our best to make the process as smooth as possible.¬† ¬†

We are not forcing you to switch to an on-premises license, and you can keep using the cloud service with your LTD. No action is needed from you to keep your LTD account in its current state.

Please note though that this dedicated AppSumo service will not be getting future updates to the platform, as we plan to develop the on-premises version only from now on.    

I've always supported you, bought 5-stack at AppSumo and then 5-stack live chat upgrade. What do I get for this?

First of all – a huge thank you! ūüôŹ

We appreciate your early trust and support, so we are granting you this license for free. You can brand it and use it as a white-label solution for your own customers, with unlimited installations and unlimited projects.

Please contact us by sending an email to andrew@activechat.ai to get your license key and installation instructions. Please include your original AppSumo LTD coupons and live chat upgrade order number.

How much will it cost me to run an on-premises version of Activechat?

The on-premises version of Activechat runs on a virtual machine that requires very little resources. Most of our customers’ production servers with a substantial load (thousands of messages per day) can easily run on a $30/month virtual machine from Google ($12/month with a 3-year commitment).¬†

Your exact spending will depend on the volume of conversations and amount of data stored in your projects. For some entry-level projects you could even use the free private cloud VMs available from a number of providers.

Check this link for a complete list of cloud service providers offering free tiers.

Can I re-sell it and brand with my own business name and logo?

Yes. The “Reseller” license offers you a complete white-label solution that can be branded with your company name.¬†

I'm not a computer geek and I do not have any technical background. Will I be able to run the platform and use the license?

Yes. At least, that’s what we are aiming for.¬†

Installing the on-premises version of Activechat is pretty similar to a WordPress installation. The process is fully automated and requires minimum effort from your side.

You will be given detailed instructions on setting up your private cloud virtual machine and database, connecting your domains, and creating 3rd party accounts for various integrations like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. 

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ChatGPT by OpenAI is smashing the media headlines around the world. In just two months of its existence, this technology opened more use cases than blockchain in 13 years.

But did you know that you can easily build your own natural language chatbot with similar technology, trained and fine-tuned on your own knowledge data?

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