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Multiple-page product galleries

Facebook Messenger has a limit of 10 cards in a single gallery. What happens if you have more than 10 products in a category? Obviously, you need some kind of pagination to display the whole list.

First of all, Let’s do some changes to the flow so we could implement this. We’ll be using $_shopify_total_pages system variable for this ($_woo_total_pages if you’re using WooCommerce) – each time dynamic gallery is rendered, this variable is updated to show actual number of pages (10 products per page) that gallery can display.

Here’s the logic behind the bot:

  1. Display list of categories with “Show products” button in each card.
  2. Before displaying product galleries, set $current_page to 1
  3. Display product gallery starting from page $current_page
  4. Check if $_shopify_total_pages is greater than 1
  5. if it is – check $current_page value
  6.  $current_page is 1, display only “Next 10” quick reply.
  7.  $current_page is greater than 1 and less than $_shopify_total_pages, display both “Prev 10” and “Next 10” quick replies for navigation.
  8. If $current_page is equal to $_shopify_total_pages, display only “Prev 10” quick reply.

When user clicks “Next 10” or “Prev 10” button (quick reply), the bot is adding (or subtracting) 1 to $current_page and goes back to dynamic products gallery.

The bot is only 18 blocks, and provides complete e-commerce shop navigation.

Here is how it looks in the Messenger: