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Connecting chatbot to Shopify store

Before Activechat complex chatbot integrations with e-commerce were costly and required lots of manual work. All this is in the past now. You can connect your Shopify store in a couple of mouse clicks and build advanced chatbot that will sell your products and serve your customers less that in a day.

Connecting Shopify

Advanced e-commerce integration comes with Architect and higher plans. It allows you to build dynamic galleries with products and categories from your online shop, and also enables shopping cart functionality to collect orders from your chatbot audience.

We use private app to connect Shopify, so you will need API tokens for connection. Go to your Shopify store admin page and click “Apps” on the left. Next, click “Manage private apps” on the right.

Now click “Create a new private app” in the top right corner. Name your app (“Activechat” works good for this), set your email address for alerts and change permissions to Read/Write (we need write access to be able to put orders into your store from the chatbot). Click “Save” when done.

Confirm with “I understand, create the app” in the pop-up that appears, and you will get API keys for your new app. Copy these and paste into “Shopify” section of “Settings – Integrations” page within Activechat Bot Builder.

Don’t forget to put your Shopify store address into “Store” field and click “Connect”. You should immediately see the list of your product categories, products and product variations in the table below. In case you change your inventory – just click “Disconnect” and then “Connect” again to update these lists.The lists can be used for reference when building your bot.