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Working with visual builder

Now, it’s time to get to the heart of our Visual Bot Architect. Welcome to the visual flow builder!

Flow builder

Key elements that you’ll be using most of the time are the toolbar with blocks at the left (we’ll get to these blocks in a moment) and “RUN” button in the top right corner. You’ll be using this button to compile and deploy your bot as running agent in Google Cloud.  Don’t forget to click “RUN” when you make changes, because the bot will deploy these changes to the cloud.

Creating the bot is simple – you pull various blocks from the toolbar, arrange them on the canvas, edit each block settings in the “editor” on the right (these changes are saved automatically) and connect the blocks in a flow with arrow lines.

Mouse scroll wheel will change the zoom level and right-clicking and dragging free area on the screen will move your canvas with blocks on it. You can select multiple blocks for copying and deleting with a left-click-and-drag on the canvas.

Block operations

Use “connect areas” to connect blocks to each other. These areas are located at block bottom and on the left/right side of each button. Green color means that the button or block is connected, yellow color indicates that you have to make connection here.

Click on the block to open block editor on the right. Here you can add/remove block content and elements.

Right-clicking on the block opens secondary menu, where you can DeleteDuplicate or Copy block to clipboard. Also, here you can add notes or comments to blocks – this helps you and your team understand the purpose of each block later.

Toolbar on the left displays single block in each category. Hover the mouse over the block to see more blocks in each category. Scroll up and down to see extra block categories if your screen real estate is limited.

When you’re done editing the flow, finally press orange “RUN” button to compile the bot and deploy to the cloud. Your bot will be there, 24/7 – no need to worry about hosting issues, we do the hard-lifting for you!