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What is

It all started in 2016, when we were building chatbots for our customers as digital marketing agency. It was all hype about chatbots then. We had a flow of customers who wanted to build a bot for their Facebook page, website or customer support service.

We’ve been using a lot of different platforms for this, including Chatfuel, Manychat, FlowXO, Dialogflow etc. But each new project revealed one common issue with all those platforms. Most of the time it was quite simple to build a basic bot, but this bot was nothing but a toy. It was fun to talk to, but bringing close to zero actual value to the end users. And when we were adding more value (mostly derived from business integrations, e-commerce connections etc) complexity of development process was growing exponentially.

Even worse – each new integration would decrease general conversation quality for the bot, creating dead ends, unrecognized intents and decreasing overall customer satisfaction.

The reason seemed to be quite simple. Conversational design was at its earliest stage then, and people who were good at it were not that good at software development. On the other side, great developers that we had on the team were poor marketers and conversationalists. Joining their efforts on each specific project was a pain in the neck.

We decided to address that issue and create a simple and easy to use tool. That tool would be great for conversational design, with all bells and whistles that natural human conversation requires (contexts, interruptions, events etc). And we wanted this tool to be as powerful in bringing real value to companies and end users as a dedicated team of highly qualified developers would be.

So, Activechat Visual Bot Builder was born.

Chatbot simplicity


We believe that conversation is the most natural way for humans to communicate to machines. We’d like to see more conversational agents (chatbots) in every possible situation out there, so we created Bot Architect and Bot Integrator – tools to create chatbot scenarios while we do the heavy lifting (natural language understanding, messenger platforms communication, business processes integration, complex analytics, marketing and payments processing etc).

The world is full of chatbots that fail and chatbots that suck. There are tons of bots that may be great toys, but actually bring little or no real value to end-users. We want to change this, so we’d love to help you BUILD BOTS THAT BRING VALUE™ 

Achieve your business goals with ActiveChat visual chatbot builder – easily and effortlessly.

We are LEGO for chatbots. It’s fun to be creative.