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Sending mass broadcasts

Mass broadcasts is one of the most sought-after bot functions for marketers (and not only for them). Activechat Visual Bot Architect is great at this, giving you the power to not just send a single message, but to start a complex skill that will interact with your audience in a perfect style.

First, prepare the skill that you’d like to start and assign it to specific event (for example, “broadcast1”) with CATCH block. This skill can be as simple as a single message or may include complex interactions – asking questions, making conditional decisions, showing product galleries etc. Don’t forget to click “RUN” when you add the sklill to re-build the bot and set your skill live.

Next, go to “Broadcasts” section in your bot settings and schedule the broadcast. You can start it immediately or delay until specific date and time (either in user time zone or GMT time). Click “SCHEDULE” and you’re all set!

Please send mass broadcasts responsibly. Do not spam or annoy your audience. If you are sending to Facebook Messenger keep in mind “24+1” rule. This rule restricts your ability to send broadcasts (or any other bot messages) to just a single message outside 24 hour window after the last user interaction.

Best practice for broadcasts is sending some “bait” message like “Would you like to know what’s hot today?” providing a button or quick reply which can be easily clicked by the user. As soon as user replies to that message or presses the button, you are free to send him or her anything for next 24 hours again.

Keep in mind that to comply with Facebook Messenger Policy after Jan 1st 2019 you will have to tag every bot message with specific use case tag. We will be providing this functionality as soon as it comes into force. You can find more info and a list of supported tags at Facebook for Developers website.