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Free and paid plans and pricing

First of all, let’s get to essentials. “How much is it?” is the first question that new users ask. And the good news is that we have a variety of plans that will fit any budget and business size.

You can have as many bots as you’d like on your account, because each bot is billed separately. As a result, you can have different plans for separate bots based on your requirements.

Our core offer is Architect plan which is $49 monthly. It has complete set of platform options, including natural language understanding, e-commerce integrations, broadcasts, live chat agents and also multiple voice and messaging channels and site tracking. This plan has a limit of 5,000 monthly active users (user is considered to be “active” while she sends a message, presses a button or sends a quick reply to the bot) and extra users come at $0.01 each.

If you will be using our e-commerce features (direct integrations to Shopify/WooCommerce/Magento and shopping cart features), we will additionally charge 2% of your orders placed through the bot. You only pay for those orders that were actually the result of bot communication with your users (direct bot orders and bot-restored carts), and we do not charge anything for regular orders that come through your website.

If you do not need e-commerce and multiple messaging channels, Starter plan seems to be a good fit. It’s limited to 1,000 monthly users, and extra users are $0.02 each. Also, you can connect the bot only to a single communication channel, be it Facebook, Telegram, Twilio or anything else. This plan is $19 monthly.

Free plan is free forever. It’s great to have a basic bot with natural language understanding and refine your conversational design skills.

Agency Plan

And if you’re an agency working with multiple bots, Agency plan comes at a great price of $249 monthly. It includes 10 bots with an impressive limit of 50,000 monthly users each, and extra users will cost you just $0.005 each. Plus above all, e-commerce fee will be reduced to just 1% of bot-produced sales here. Needless to say, all bells and whistles are included, and you will have a priority support line with guaranteed reply time less than 3 hours. Also, custom onboarding is included in this plan to get your bot agency up and running as fast as possible.

Looking for the enterprise solution? We’re focused on conversational solutions for big companies, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. Feel free to arrange a call right now and we’ll get back in no time!

Here's our complete pricing table