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Integrating to e-commerce - WooCommerce

WooCommerce is another popular online shop engine and if you’re using it – we got you covered too. WooCommerce integration is almost the same as Shopify – when you connect your store through API you can immediately have product galleries in your chatbot and use shopping cart functionality, putting orders directly into WooCommerce back-end. Here’s how to do it.

Connecting WooCommerce

Check “WooCommerce” section in “Settings – Integrations” in your Activechat account. Put your WooCommerce domain in the “Store URL” field and click “Connect”.

You’ll probably see login window from WooCommerce, asking you to authenticate. Just enter your WooCommerce admin credentials and click “Login”.

connecting to woocommerce

Click “Approve” in the next window to give Activechat read/write permissions for your store.

Finally, your WooCommerce store is now ready, and you can use the full power of our advanced e-commerce tools – dynamic galleries, shopping carts and automated order generation. Visit our “Chatbots for e-commerce” course for in-depth manual on conversational e-commerce!