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DATA blocks – Working with variables

Computers are good at data processing, and it’s nice to have some cracking power in a bot. So we tried to make math and other data processing in Bot Architect as simple as possible. 

Use DATA blocks to perform math and string operations and more blocks like functions and data validation will be added soon. 


data block

Start with choosing a variable which should be initialized or altered (left side of assignment operator) and build an expression to be assigned. You can use both constants and variables on the right side. Choose operators from the drop-down list. 

Example above will be incrementing $value variable by 1.

Currently Bot Architect supports these operations:

  • + (add)
  • – (subtract)
  • * (multiply)
  • / (divide by)
  • % (division remainder)
  • ~ (string concatenation – glueing two strings together)

When there are no errors control is passed to the block that is connected to SUCCESS button. If any error (for example, division by zero) occurs then block that is connected to ERROR button will be executed. 

We will be adding much more DATA blocks in the near future – data validation, arrays, objects etc. Stay tuned to the updates!