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Building blocks for chatbots

Activechat chatbot platform is like LEGO™ for chatbots – it’s simple, fun and efficient. 

All you have to do is take some basic building blocks and connect it into skills, then connect these skills into bots.

Blocks are grouped into categories, each serving specific purpose. You can find those categories in the toolbar on the left. 

talk chatbot blocks

TALK blocks

Basic communication with chatbot users – sending text, images, galleries and lists and listening to user input.

TALK blocks detailed description

event chatbot blocks

EVENT blocks

Sending and catching events. “Catching” an event lets you start specific skill in the bot or give control to a certain conversation branch or even a single block.

EVENT blocks detailed description

switch chatbot block

SWITCH block

Check conditions and make decisions – for example, start one block or another based on the value of attribute or variable.

SWITCH block detailed description

NLP block

Send user input to external NLP engine to detect intents and entities. Based on the detected intent, specific event will be triggered to give control to a skill in the bot. 

NLP block detailed description

json chatbot block

JSON block

Make GET or POST requests to external JSON APIs and get results as bot variables.

JSON block detailed description

TIMER blocks

Trigger events periodically or wait until specific conditions are met. Great for drip content and delays in communication.

TIMER blocks detailed description

data chatbot block

DATA block

Change values for variables and do simple math and string operations.

DATA block detailed description

EMAIL block

Send emails from your bot to admins and regular users.

EMAIL block detailed description

ecommerce chatbot blocks


Display dynamic galleries with products, variations and categories from your Shopify or WooCommerce online store.

E-COMMERCE blocks detailed description

shopping cart chatbot blocks


Add, remove and change products in chatbot shopping cart and convert shopping carts to actual orders in your Shopify or WooCommerce backend.

SHOPPING CART blocks detailed description