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Changing your subscription plan

When you create your very first bot in Visual Bot Builder, it is assigned Trial plan. This plan has everything that Architectplan has, but is limited to 14 days of free usage. When Trial plan expires, your bot is switched to Free plan (you can find complete list of our plans here).

Every other bot that you create after your Trial period expires is automatically set to Free plan.

To change your current subscription please go to General tab in bot settings and click “Upgrade”. Stripe payment window will pop up and you will be able to enter your credit or debit card details. This will start your monthly subscription and reset current billing cycle to zero. You will be charged monthly for your subscription and for extra active users that you could have on top of your plan limits (5,000 per bot for Architect plan and 50,000 per bot for Agency plan).

If you are using our advanced e-commerce integration tools, we will also charge revenue share (3% for Architect or 2% for Agency plan) for paid orders that your users will make through the bot. You will be billed only for orders that were placed directly from the bot (both regular orders and restored shopping carts) and paid by your customers. We track this by order ID and payment status through e-commerce API. If any of these orders are refunded, we will re-calculate revenue share to take this into consideration.