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Delight your customers with valuable conversations that do not put extra pressure on live chat agents. Follow these conversations everywhere – from your email inbox and website chat  to social messengers and SMS. Share the knowledge across your team and help them find the right words for every customer.  

Friends don’t need support tickets to help friends, so we’ve built a tool that treats your customers like friends. 

customer service automation software

Live chat software that really cares

Lead Generation chatbots


Engage with your customers wherever they are with zero extra overhead for your support team. Switch channels seamlessly with advanced matching technology and wow your customers everywhere.

Self-service platforms integration

Smart routing

Welcome your customers and route chats easily with advanced natural language AI. Segment your visitors based on their interaction history and assign conversations to specific human teams or automated chatbot skills.

Conversational Marketing Chatbots


Never miss a change in customer's emotion. Track sentiment of every conversation, anticipate questions and reach out proactively to help, engage and convert - even before they start a conversation.

Smart Conversation Routing

Treat your customers as your best friends

Friends don’t need IVRs and support tickets to help each other, and friendship can’t be measured by NPS. 

We’re all humans, and your customers should feel cared for. If you are customer service leader working for multi-million corporation or small business owner with hundreds of users, all that matters is how your clients feel at the end of the day.

Build a personal relationship with each and every of your customers with highly engaging conversations that happen at the right moments. Scale it across your teams and monitor everything that matters, from overall sentiment to agent performance.

Customer messaging that scales with your business

Customer Service CRM

Share the knowledge

Use canned responses and automated chatbot skills to provide uniform CX level across all member of your team.

Conversational Marketing Strategy

It's a team play

Smart routing and performance analysis help you get the most of your team and reduce stress for individual players.

Conversational Marketing Platform

See the full picture

Track every move that customers make on your website and engage proactively when necessary.

Support team management

Automate the routine

Your agents don't have to be typing monkeys. Automate simple tasks and let humans do the complex ones.

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Build Your Own ChatGPT*

ChatGPT by OpenAI is smashing the media headlines around the world. In just two months of its existence, this technology opened more use cases than blockchain in 13 years.

But did you know that you can easily build your own natural language chatbot with similar technology, trained and fine-tuned on your own knowledge data?

* ChatGPT is a trademark owned by OpenAI. Activechat is not affiliated with OpenAI and is not reselling the OpenAI technology

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