Bot Architect features
We're working hard to build a great platform. Here's the timeline of our past progress and future plans.
March 2018
  • Basic visual chatbot builder for Telegram
  • TALK, SWITCH, DATA, EVENT building blocks
  • Basic event-based conversation framework
April 2018
  • Direct Dialogflow integration
  • TIMER building blocks
  • CRM for bot users
  • MILESTONE: 100 live users in the platform
May 2018
  • Facebook Messenger interface
  • Mass broadcasts
  • JSON API building block
June 2018
  • EMAIL and more TIMERS building blocks
  • Facebook Messenger persistent menu
July 2018
  • Direct WooCommerce integration
  • PRODUCTS and CATEGORIES building blocks
  • Advanced NLP integration with entities and contexts
August 2018
  • Bot skills and events re-invented
  • Multi-language support
September 2018
  • Twilio SMS messenger interface
  • MILESTONE: 1000 live users in the platform
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Bot Architect future plans
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October 2018
  • Grow tools (site widget, checkbox plugin, landing pages)
  • Conditional broadcast
November 2018
  • Direct Zapier integration
  • Hubspot interface
  • Salesforce interface
  • Live chat for call centers
  • Facebook payment
December 2018
  • Voice messenger interfaces (Google Home, Amazon Alexa)
  • Intercom interface
  • Site chat widget
  • More NLP providers
  • Telegram payments
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