Conversational AI for e-commerce

Online store that does not use chat and messaging to engage customers is like brick-and-mortar outlet with no salespersons in it. 

Don’t wait until your customers buy or leave. Help them make their choice, listen to their voice, feel their emotion and provide best-in-class service.

self-service automation

Talk to visitors

Build pro-active conversations that are tailored to customer's personal preferences and browsing history.

contact center agent training

Grow sales

Reduce cart abandonment and churn rate with automated messages delivered to customers.

Customer Service CRM

Help them choose

Use natural language product search and comparison to help your customers make their choice.

Conversational Marketing Campaigns

Increase conversions

38% of consumers are more likely to buy if the company has live chat support.

Increase customer loyalty, sales and revenue

Recent ICMI study reveals that customers who engage with your business through the live chat are worth 4.5 times more than those who do not. But using live chat for every customer puts extra load on your human team and may not be an option. 

Learn how to use conversational AI to automate this engagement and grow your revenue while making customers happy.  

Conversational Marketing Platform

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