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Transform Your Debt Relief Services with AI-powered Solution

Debt Relief Pro 2.0

Experience the future of debt relief with our AI assistant. Automate routine tasks, offer 24/7 support and deliver empathetic, personalized assistance to your clients.

Streamline client interactions, provide personalized support, and enhance operational efficiency with Activechat Debt Relief Pro 2.0.

AI-powered debt relief solutions

Automated debt relief assistance

Enhance your debt relief services with intelligent, AI-driven client support

Automated Lead Qualification

Quickly identify high-potential clients through structured AI-driven conversations

24/7 Client Support

Provide continuous assistance to clients, addressing inquiries and scheduling consultations

Personalized Engagement

Offer tailored advice and empathetic responses to clients, building trust and satisfaction

Payment Scheduling

Automate payment reminders and assist clients in setting up manageable payment plans

Data Collection

Extract structured client data from conversations and seamlessly integrate it into CRM systems

Emotional Empathy

Provide emotional support to clients, helping them manage stress and anxiety related to debt

Personalized Debt Management AI Software

Empower your team to deliver tailored solutions with AI-powered insights and support

Debt relief automation tools

Unlimited Conversations

Engage with your clients as much as needed with our unlimited conversation plan, ensuring uninterrupted support throughout the year

Private AWS Cloud

Experience secure and reliable performance with our AI solution hosted in your private AWS cloud, with all hosting costs covered for peace of mind

Turnkey Installation and Configuration

Benefit from hassle-free setup with our turnkey custom installation and configuration, tailored to fit your specific needs and requirements

Revolutionizing Debt Relief Across Every Sector

Discover how our AI-powered solution transforms debt relief services for diverse industries

Debt Relief Companies

Streamline client interactions and enhance operational efficiency with automated support and personalized engagement. Benefit from 24/7 availability and seamless data integration

Financial Counseling Services

Provide timely advice and manage client information effectively. Offer empathetic support and personalized solutions to improve client satisfaction and outcomes

Credit Counseling Agencies

Automate data collection and lead qualification, allowing counselors to focus on high-priority cases. Enhance client relationships with tailored advice and proactive support

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Efficiently manage client interactions and gather essential information with AI-driven conversations. Offer emotional support to clients navigating stressful financial situations

Financial Institutions

Improve customer service efficiency and manage debt relief inquiries with AI assistance. Provide secure and reliable client support, ensuring privacy and compliance

Collection Agencies

Automate payment reminders and manage debtor interactions with empathy. Improve collection rates and client satisfaction by offering personalized and continuous support

+ 1 %
Conversion Rate

Boost Your Lead Conversion Rate by 35% with Activechat Debt Relief Pro. Our AI-driven lead qualification ensures you focus on high-potential clients, improving efficiency and increasing conversion rates.

+ 1 %
CSAT Score

Enhance Customer Satisfaction by 40%. Provide personalized and empathetic support with 24/7 AI assistance, ensuring your clients feel valued and supported at all times

+ 1 %
Payment Compliance

Improve Payment Compliance by 25%. Automate payment reminders and offer flexible scheduling options to help clients stay on track with their payments, reducing missed payments

How Does Debt Relief Pro 2.0 Work?

Discover How Our AI Debt Relief Assistant Works with Real-Life Example Conversations

Automated debt relief assistance example

Personalized debt relief services

Lead Qualification

Effortlessly identify high-potential clients with our AI-powered lead qualification.

Debt Relief Pro 2.0 automates the initial inquiry process, gathering essential information and pre-qualifying leads based on debt amount, income, and employment status.

Focus your efforts on the most promising prospects and improve your conversion rates with intelligent, AI-driven insights

  • Fully Automated Conversations
  • Seamless CRM Integration
  • Intelligent Side Question Handling

Debt relief customer support AI

24/7 Client Support

Provide unparalleled support to your clients with 24/7 availability.

Debt Relief Pro 2.0 ensures that no inquiry goes unanswered, offering instant responses to common questions, scheduling consultations, and providing continuous assistance.

Enhance client satisfaction and trust by being there for your clients whenever they need you

  • Always-On Support
  • Real-Time Data Updates
  • Responsive Side Question Handling
Financial counseling AI solutions example
Debt relief AI chatbot example

Debt relief AI chatbot

Emotional Empathy

Offer empathetic support to clients dealing with financial stress.

Debt Relief Pro 2.0 uses advanced natural language processing to understand and respond to the emotional tone of client interactions.

Provide comforting messages, mental health resources, and connections to professional counselors, helping your clients manage their debt with confidence and peace of mind


  • Empathetic Automated Conversations
  • Detailed CRM Records
  • Intelligent Side Question Handling

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Activechat Debt Relief Pro 2.0 integrate with my existing CRM system?

Activechat Debt Relief Pro 2.0 seamlessly integrates with most major CRM systems through respective APIs and endpoints. Our AI assistant automatically updates client information, interactions, and payment statuses directly into your CRM, ensuring real-time accuracy and efficiency.

Is the data collected during conversations secure?

Yes, data security is our top priority. All information collected during AI conversations is encrypted and securely stored, complying with industry standards and regulations to protect client privacy.

Can the AI assistant handle complex client interactions?

Absolutely. Our AI assistant is designed to handle a wide range of client interactions, including lead qualification, support inquiries, emotional support, and payment collections. It can also answer side questions and return to the main task seamlessly.

Can the AI assistant provide psychological support to clients?

Yes, our AI assistant is equipped with natural language processing capabilities to offer empathetic responses and emotional support. It can provide comforting messages, mental health resources, and connect clients with professional counselors if needed.

How do I get started with Debt Relief Pro 2.0?

Getting started is easy. Contact us to request a free demo or consultation. Our team will guide you through the setup process, customization options, and integration with your existing systems.

How customizable is the AI assistant?

Activechat Debt Relief Pro 2.0 is highly customizable in every aspect, from conversation style to fonts and colors.

We offer turnkey custom installation and configuration to tailor the AI assistant to your specific needs, including conversation flows, responses, and integrations.

What are the hosting requirements for this tool?

Debt Relief Pro 2.0 runs in your private AWS cloud, with all hosting costs included in the subscription. This ensures reliable performance and security tailored to your organization’s requirements.

How does the AI assistant handle payment reminders and collections?

The AI assistant sends automated payment reminders, assists clients in setting up payment plans, and confirms payments once completed. All interactions are recorded in real-time, ensuring accurate tracking and compliance.

What is included in the annual subscription?

The annual subscription includes unlimited conversations, secure hosting in your private AWS cloud, and turnkey custom installation and configuration. This comprehensive package ensures you have everything you need to transform your debt relief services. 

What kind of support is available if I need help?

We offer comprehensive support to all our clients. Whether you need help with setup, customization, or ongoing operations, our support team is available to assist you through various channels, including email, phone, and live chat.

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