Customer Support Chatbots

Cut costs and increase customer satisfaction at scale

Automate your help desk

Reducing waiting time and providing instant help increases customer satisfaction. Researchers say that customer satisfaction is more affected by the initial wait prior to the first interaction with the help desk than by any subsequent waiting times.

Create personal support experience

Customer support chatbots help you build instant rapport with your buyers and prospects, serving them with most wanted information in an interactive, personalized and entertaining way.

Cut support costs by up to 75%

Automated customer support chatbots can save you a lot of money spent monthly on help desk and call centers, providing at the same time more engaging user experience.

Connect existing knowledge base

Modern AI and NLP technology makes it easy to connect your existing support knowledge base to the chatbot and make it searchable with natural language queries.

Use ready-made customer support chatbot templates to build smart support agents


Sign up, connect your knowledge base, connect Facebook or other messenger and you’re all set. Use pre-set templates for basic conversation and customize it with your own character. Watch actual conversations and add to the templates when necessary.


Our customer support chatbot templates integrate seamlessly into your existing back-end to fetch data from knowledge base or F.A.Q. and can be customized on-the-fly with extra questions and data  without service interruption.


Sometimes bots fail. Although great conversational design can handle up to 80% of customer requests, you can escalate conversation to live support agents for instant resolution and add that data to your bot later.

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