Conversational AI for customer service

Customers expect 24/7 service across all available channels. Live up to their expectations with zero extra strain on your support team.  

Increasing the self-service channel plays crucial role in growing the efficiency of your customer care, and conversational AI automation can make this channel easier to use and more valuable for every customer. 

Smart Conversation Routing

Get personal

Build instant rapport with your buyers and prospects and serve them the most wanted information in an interactive, personalized and entertaining way.

Cut costs

Take the strain off of your human teams by automating mundane conversations and increase the efficiency of human agents.

Lead Generation chatbots

Go multi-channel

Self-service should not be limited to website FAQ section. Provide seamless self-service experience across all communication channels.

Customer Service Analytics

Get data insights

Feel the pulse of your service level with customer sentiment tracking, intent analytics and conversion rate optimization.

Fill the gap between your human and digital teams

Help your employees work smarter, not harder. Imagine each of them having a personal assistant like Alexa for handling work-related activities. At scale. On every channel. 

Create a perfect mix between conversational automation and live chat that keeps your customer service fast, personal, valuable and human.  

Natural Language Intent Recognition

Start providing better customer service today

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