Strike a balance between automation and the human touch

Deliver effortless personal experiences that your customers expect. Detect intents, gauge sentiment and predict their next move on the fly.  

Augment the potential of customer service agents with AI that helps to build and nurture relationships.

Customer service automation that feels human

Natural language

Understand customer's intent and route the conversation to a specific chatbot skill or human agent.

Sentiment tracking

Sense the emotional state of every customer to choose the right words and tone of voice from the very start.

Conversion prediction

Use the data to anticipate customer's behavior and find your next-best-action that will engage and convert.

Embrace the relationship economy

Real-time conversations are the most intimate thing that happens between your business and your customers. Use this opportunity to provide meaningful and deeply personal communication within current context. 

The technology is mature enough to allow you real-time tracking of the relationship quality. From understanding the original intent to proactive offers that anticipate customer’s next move, every interaction should be highly personal and include a human touch. That’s exactly what Activechat is built for. 

How does conversational AI work?

Understand the intent

AI-powered natural language understanding detects the intents of your customers and routes the conversation to a chatbot skill or provides hints to the live agent.

Track the sentiment

From birds-eye overview of all conversations to specific messages sent by customers or agents, the emotional state of your communication gives actionable insights.

Find the right words

Based on the outcomes of previous conversations, AI can offer the right words for every life situation and share this knowledge across the whole team.

Get predictions

Tracking user's actions through your website allows you to predict which customer segments are likely to convert and use that knowledge in communication.

Get started with conversational AI

Let’s talk about how you can build better customer service for your company. 

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