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Animated GIFs in chatbots

How to add animated GIF images to your chatbot conversations 

chatbot tips - lead gen Zapier
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Lead generation chatbots with Zapier

How to send lead data from your chatbot to any CRM or other system with Zapier 

chatbot tips - split-testing with random variable
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Split-testing bots with random variables

How to send users randomly to different flows or parts of your conversation 

chatbot tips - subscribe and unsubscribe status
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Unsubscribing chatbot users

How to stay compliant with Facebook TOS and keep your users happy

chatbot tips - copy skills
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Copying skills between chatbots

How to copy skills from one chatbot to another – useful to re-use existing flows

chatbot tips - sending SMS
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Sending SMS from Messenger bots

How to follow up with your chatbot users on SMS, free from 24+1 rule limitations