Chatbot academy videos

Chatbot Academy is a series of live events from Activechat team, helping you to get the most of our visual chatbot platform.

This page is constantly updated with Chatbot Academy videos.

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chatbot academy - visual chatbot platform basics
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Visual Chatbot Platform basics

Learn how to use Activechat’s visual chatbot builder from the very beginning 

chatbot academy - NLP chatbots with activechat visual chatbot platform
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NLP chatbots with Dialogflow

How to build natural language chatbots with Dialogflow integration 

e-commerce chatbots with Activechat visual chatbot builder
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E-commerce chatbots with Activechat

How to use Activechat for e-commerce chatbots with WooCommerce and Shopify 

referral chatbots for viral campaigns and google sheets chatbot integration
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Referral chatbots for viral campaigns

Complete walk-through of referral chatbot template with Google sheets integration