Conversational AI for call centers

Go beyond IVR. Provide first-class support and service with the help of natural language understanding AI and conversational automation.

Build cost-effective call center automation solutions with a perfect mix of human touch and advanced AI. Route incoming chats between live agents and chatbot skills and share the experience of the most skilled players across the whole team.      

Automated question answering

Automate the routine

Eliminate mundane tasks by routing them to chatbot skills and engaging human agents only when necessary.

Conversational Marketing Strategy

Share the knowledge

Save time spent by agents to look for answers and provide instant hints for common situations.

Knowledge Management System

Find the right words

Analyze conversation archives to find the words that worked best across customers.

Contact center goal tracking

Reduce stress

Take the load off of your human teams with the automation that adjusts on the fly.

Improve your call center efficiency with the AI

Build smarter conversations that engage customers and do not put too much on your team’s plate. The technology is mature enough to be used in the majority of service and support use cases, so it’s time to start implementing it in your daily routines.

Customer Service Automation

Start providing better customer service today

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