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We create and develop On-premise Customer Service Automation Platform for contact centers and customer support teams. Activechat streamlines and simplifies the entire customer service process, automating everything from question answering to live chat analytics and team management. With Activechat, contact centers and customer service teams improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, impress more clients, and become substantially more efficient

We’re building a team of conversational AI experts with the knowledge, passion, and skills to help us revolutionize the customer service routines across the whole contact center industry.

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Our Mission

Satisfied clients are the cornerstone of any successful business. Our mission is to enable customer service teams to delight their clients at every step of the client journey. Through software solutions designed to be powerful and easy to use, we aim to streamline and simplify the customer care process from the moment of first contact with your business to becoming a repeat client for your company.

Meet The Founders

Andrew Ganine

Andrew Ganine

Co-founder and CEO

As Co-Founder and CEO, Andrew leads the vision at Activechat. Andrew is a serial entrepreneur, AI developer, boat skipper, and musician. Andrew was a conversational AI developer for 7 years. In 2007 he started building voice interfaces for smart homes and automation. Andrew was also the CEO of New Digital, an agency that started customer service automation projects in 2015.

In 2017, Andrew founded Activechat, a specialized conversational design agency. In 2019, he decided that it was the right time to apply his knowledge and conversational AI experience to the customer service automation industry with the Activechat platform as a product.

Serge Kostiukov

Serge Kostiukov

Co-founder and CFO

As Co-Founder and CFO, Serge leads growth at Activechat. Serge is an experienced marketer, PR person, and entrepreneur. After running a PR agency (AG Communication Group) for over 20 years, Serge began his journey in the B2B SaaS industry. After AG Communication Group, he began to build and scale Activechat with Andrew.

Throughout the years Serge has cultivated skills in B2B sales, product design, product management, administration, and marketing.

His hobbies include video blogging about food, mastering spear-fishing, and always dreaming about product improvements.

Our values

Our values shape everything we do. They’re not just words written on a wall, but what we live and breathe as Activechat team every day.

Conversational Marketing Strategy

We're a community

We are committed to building an inclusive community wherein diversity, collaboration, innovation, and hard work are celebrated – all while having fun.

Contact center goal tracking

We deliver with passion

We love what we do. We’re driven by our dedication, determination, sense of urgency, and the burning need to improve the customer service process.
Customer Service CRM

We innovate to win

We are tenacious in driving results through collaboration, teamwork, and customer feedback. No problem is too big to solve if we stay hungry for innovation. 

Visual customer service analytics

We're driven by purpose

We believe in being good and doing good. We deliver results with integrity. Challenging work is rewarding work, and accomplishing our goals requires a mix of grit, resilience, and humor.

Smart Conversation Routing

We’re relentless 
customer champions

Customer success is in our DNA. We are committed to putting our customers first and putting them at the center of everything that we do. When our customers win, we win.

Customer Love

We’ve developed deep empathy and understanding for our customers

"The way you can build bots is so easy I was surprised. To have my bot working with a good working version took me only 20 minutes. And this is my first bot I have ever had!"

- Jorge Edel A., CEO, Veeme Media

"With the competition in this space, it's not so easy to choose. What sold me on ActiveChat was the combination of a visual builder along with tools and integrations to go well beyond that."

- Michael D, Conversational Designer

"Active Chat is an amazing software - on the cutting edge of technology and enterprise-level features. They are building enterprise-level tool at a price to good to be true."

- Larry Washington, Head of CS

"Because of the power it has, Activechat is my favorite customer service tool. Knowing that anything I might WANT to do CAN be done is great."

- Brent R., Owner, Marketing

"ActiveChat is one of the most robust, if not the most robust, automation platform out there. The functionalities you can create with ActiveChat are very flexible, up to limits of one's imagination and skill."

- Cathy Reyes, CMO

Customer service teams love Activechat

Jorge Edel A.

CEO, Veeme Media

“Since we installed it, the response rate has been amazing. Having a way to automate my customer service was one of the best decisions ever made. With Activechat, we answer most requests instantly.”

Tanzir R.

Product Designer

“We used it for the WooCommerce shop. The bot automatically pulled all the data from the store, and users could place orders via chat on Facebook Messenger. Activechat had a prebuilt template, so all I had to do was replace the default names with my store name. Setup took a couple of minutes. Fastest way to build a bot.”

Harish M.

CEO, E-Learning

“The architecture of using skills is amazing as it saves us a lot of time. After a tiny bit of learning, it becomes a perfect tool which you cannot look beyond. The support is fantastic as they are ready to listen to us and take necessary action to meet our needs.”

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